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Talent Management Summarized by a Fine Purveyor of Whitefish

Did I just say whitefish?  You’re darned right I did. Heard on the radio this morning a great quote from the owner of Russ & Daughters, a 4th generation seller of lox, whitefish, and other spreads:  “We’re dealing with a

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Is LinkedIn one step away from becoming the world’s largest performance management system?

I got an email today from some former colleagues (and current friends), adding me to a project listing on LinkedIn. “Very cool” I thought. Then, I did a double take. What’s to stop LinkedIn from getting rating from everyone who’s

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Innovation in the aging workforce, WSJ got this one wrong

The WSJ Heard on the Street section printed an article today, “Older US Workforce Has an Ugly Wrinkle” sparked a few thoughts for my post this morning.   First, was a statistic. 40% of the US population over 55 is working

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