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A very merry (quantitative) Christmas

And may both you and your data both grow and prosper exponentially in 2013. Compliments of Advertisements

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Repost: How Willy Wonka’s Case Study in Succession Planning

(This is a repost from 2 years ago, after recently finishing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yet again for the girls (I think we’re on 16 now)- this time the twins understood it.) The Situation Mr. Willy Wonka is a first generation

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Analytical Candidates You May Not Have Considered

Tom Davenport has an institute just for us analytics types, and I write a bit for them… here’s a latest post on sourcing for analytical talent (I’m kind of combining analytics and recruiting for fun…)

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Aberdeen’s 2010 Virtual Talent Leadership Forum

It’s an early morning here at the house, and stumbled on Aberdeen’s set of virtual webinars on Talent Leadership to listen to while working.  Still a little early to call it great, but it’s free and Aberdeen’s content is usually

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Under Reported: Gains in Minority Graduate Business School Enrollment

The news last week that more women graduated with PhD’s than men did in the last academic year was remarkable, and made me very curious to read the report from the Council of Graduate Schools to see what other trends

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Why Does Making a Rational Argument to Power, Fail?

Have you ever found a surprising insight through analysis about your business, prepared a set of slides with a solid argument, presented to the senior leadership, which dismissed it immediately?  I heard some head nods out there. You’re not alone… Sometimes that

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New SHRM/ANSI HR Metrics Work Group is Starting!

Many of you know that I’m a work group leader for a relatively new SHRM initiative to create standards in HR, which will be submitted to the American National Standards Institute. It’s been a worthwhile effort so far. There are

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50% of Jeremy

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