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Why Does Making a Rational Argument to Power, Fail?

Have you ever found a surprising insight through analysis about your business, prepared a set of slides with a solid argument, presented to the senior leadership, which dismissed it immediately?  I heard some head nods out there. You’re not alone… Sometimes that

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So that’s why doesn’t suck….

I was listening to On the Media’s interview with Edward Tufte (the pre-eminent visual data designer) and was pleasantly surprised to heat that’ he’s been working on’s web site.  I don’t know the onVia software, so let’s assume that Edward isn’t

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Found in a Box of Old Floppies

Sometimes I forget how long I’ve been working with reporting software… I unearthed a box of floppies in my basement (in addition to the Tandy MS-DOS/BASIC disk I’m staring at circa 1984) I found the first reporting SW package I

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Quick Recap: SAS Premier Leadership Series Conference

I’m back from the SAS conference in Las Vegas and though I’d jot down some notes: First, totally worth going to. I was initially skeptical, but meeting with fellow data wonks for 3 days turned out to be a good

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