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A very merry (quantitative) Christmas

And may both you and your data both grow and prosper exponentially in 2013. Compliments of

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Ya Can’t See the Forest Through the Trees

I was talking with a doctor on the train the other day who was complaining about the current state of medicine. It wasn’t  a complaint about insurance fees – it was actually about evidence-based medicine.  His complaint, ” Doctors today

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Mercer’s Infographics on internal mobility

Infographic by Mercer Insights

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My Favorite Analytics Story…Is About Cake

Here’s a Cross post of a piece I wrote on the Capital Analytics blog: One of my favorite stories about talent analytics has nothing to do with talent or analytics. It’s about cake. Well, it’s not really about cake, it’s

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Interview with posted on

One in an occasional series of articles I write for the Institute for Advanced Analytics… this is an interview with the CEO of Kaggle.

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Innovation in the aging workforce, WSJ got this one wrong

The WSJ Heard on the Street section printed an article today, “Older US Workforce Has an Ugly Wrinkle” sparked a few thoughts for my post this morning.   First, was a statistic. 40% of the US population over 55 is working

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If you were a PBS kid, watched Zoom in the 70s and enjoy Pi

That’s about the only combination of variables that would likely make you smile at this strange video about Pi.  I happen to possess all 3 of those variables, so I smiled. Thanks to for the find.

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