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The Black Mouse: What Talia, Ed, and Nassim taught me about talent analytics today

On my commute home last night, my 10 yr old rang me with an upset voice. This is not unusual. She has little sisters. This call was different. She was upset because a 13 yr old named Talia Castellano had died. I

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Talent Management Summarized by a Fine Purveyor of Whitefish

Did I just say whitefish?  You’re darned right I did. Heard on the radio this morning a great quote from the owner of Russ & Daughters, a 4th generation seller of lox, whitefish, and other spreads:  “We’re dealing with a

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People really do think that computers are people too

One of my favorite books in the past couple of years is “The Man Who Lied to His Laptop” by Clifford Nass.  He’s a Stanford researcher who has been fascinated with human-computer interaction, but not in the the usual user

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Holiday Math Funneh

Holidaymathfunneh from Jeremy Shapiro Happy Holidays everyone.

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A very merry (quantitative) Christmas

And may both you and your data both grow and prosper exponentially in 2013. Compliments of

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Pumpkin Pie Analytics | Science News

Social network analysis… on pumpkin pie.   Happy Thanksgiving!   Cooking can be surprisingly forgiving | Science & Society | Science News.

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Would you comment on the latest public draft of this ANSI standard?

I’d like to ask you to read through the latest draft of Guidelines for Reporting Human Capital to Investors and submit a comment ( not here, but on the link provided. )  A few notes: 1. The team that developed

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