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Is LinkedIn one step away from becoming the world’s largest performance management system?

I got an email today from some former colleagues (and current friends), adding me to a project listing on LinkedIn. “Very cool” I thought. Then, I did a double take. What’s to stop LinkedIn from getting rating from everyone who’s

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My Favorite Analytics Story…Is About Cake

Here’s a Cross post of a piece I wrote on the Capital Analytics blog: One of my favorite stories about talent analytics has nothing to do with talent or analytics. It’s about cake. Well, it’s not really about cake, it’s

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Great Video on How Econometricians Think About Talent Data

Robert Yerex is one of the best labor-oriented econometrics folks in non-academic circles right now.  He presented at Wolfram’s technology conference last year on how he presents data to people. If you love talent data (particularly from a macro perspective), this is a great 24

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Games posing as human capital enablers: FoldIt and Superbetter

Every once in a while comes out with amazing stories of human capital measurement without knowing it.  This week, they featured two pieces on mass collaboration. The first is  a game called , that makes a game out of

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Under Reported: Gains in Minority Graduate Business School Enrollment

The news last week that more women graduated with PhD’s than men did in the last academic year was remarkable, and made me very curious to read the report from the Council of Graduate Schools to see what other trends

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Charles Handy + Drucker’s cartoon on sustainable growth

A nice illustration of sustainable growth that allows for profit . Love the message and execution.  Between this cartoon and the Drive video from Dan Pink, are cartoons the new trend in corporate storytelling? Or, is it a reflection that

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My new appreciation for checklists and Atul Gawande

I just finished reading The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande (a practicing surgeon), one of my favorite non fiction authors. Honestly, I was not expecting to get much from the book. It’s about checklists, and making lists is just part of the

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