About Jeremy

Thanks for visiting the blog and for wondering about the guy who writes it.

My name is Jeremy Shapiro, and I focus on new ways to measure, then act on talent data inside of organizations.  I work for a leading global financial institution to do just that, with an extremely talented group of HR leaders.

But, I didn’t start out in HR… For 10 years, I served as a leader (Director to Senior Vice President) of the Hodes iQ Talent Management Suite  (www.hodesiq.com) at Bernard Hodes Group. While I served a stint in HR at agency.com, I’ve spent a good deal of my life consulting with large organizations on either human capital analytics or digital recruiting strategies. I have a Masters of Science in Information Systems from NYU, working with some of the top professors in business intelligence and artificial intelligence, and a B.A. in Economics and History from Rutgers University. Specific topics of research include HR metrics, talent management technology, and next generation recruiting technologies.

If you share an interest in human capital measurement, please consider joining the Measuring Human Capital LinkedIn group, with some of the most talented practitioners, educators, and vendors  in the world sharing their ideas about human capital measurement.

Recent Writing


I teach a one day class twice a year for Cornell University’s ILR Extension in the city called “Metrics that Matter: How HR Impacts the Bottom Line” Please join us!


Speaking Examples


  • SHRM recommends me as a speaker on HR Metrics, see it here.
  • 2010, Keynote Presentation, IHRIM Workforce Analytics Conference, Boston, MA
  • 2010, Staffing Management Association, Making Metrics Matter, Orlando, FL
  • 2008, recorded session, Click Thru (videos here)

HR Metrics Standards


Thanks to Gerry Crispin of CareerXroads, and Dr. Lee Webster,  I’ve become involved in a long term efforts to insert standard metrics into the HR function.  I leed the American National Standards (ANSI) for human resources metrics standards. I encourage anyone with a point of view on HR metrics to join us.

Disclaimer: This site is not run by my employer, does not endorse, nor shall be held liable in any manner for material on this site.



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Upcoming Presentations
Cornell ILR, Metrics that Matter: How HR Analytics Impact the Bottom Line, June 3-4, 2014 or November 13-14, New York, NY

HBR Webinar (Recording) - Competing on Talent Analytics November, 2011

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