The Cost Per Hire Metric – soon to become an American National Standard – speak now before it’s ratified!

Some of you may recall that SHRM is now a certifying body for American National Standards (ANSI). 16 months ago, SHRM and Gerry Crispin asked me to chair the first HR metric taskforce, Cost-Per-Hire, and the fruit of that labor (across over 50 professionals writing) is now available for public comment.

And now we need your help.

Part of the ANSI process is a public review of the metric.  Would you please take a moment, and read through the document, and comment on the site if you find something that you think needs to be commented upon?  Here is the link.

The public comment period will continue until March 18th.

Thanks in advance!



Jeremy Shapiro is an executive in HR at a leading financial services firm, working on talent analytics. Formerly a Senior Vice President of the Hodes iQ Talent Management Suite at Bernard Hodes Group and is a co-author of the HR metrics book Ultimate Performance. Jeremy has coached hundreds of companies in recruiting and HR technology solutions across industries and sizes. Jeremy is a frequent speaker and author on HR technology topics and HR Business Intelligence topics, such as SHRM, IHRIM, the Human Capital Institute, and more. He is a frequent contributor to articles and whitepapers on HR Business Intelligence. Jeremy holds a Masters of Science in Information Systems from NYU and a B.A in Economics from Rutgers University. Specific topics of research include HR metrics, talent management technology, and next generation recruiting technologies.

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