Charles Handy + Drucker’s cartoon on sustainable growth

A nice illustration of sustainable growth that allows for profit . Love the message and execution.  Between this cartoon and the Drive video from Dan Pink, are cartoons the new trend in corporate storytelling?

Or, is it a reflection that we Gen Xers spent a significant amount of our childhood watching Bugs Bunny and Flintstones? Will we only listen to management advice now from animated characters?  If so, I pick Underdog.


Jeremy Shapiro is an executive in HR at a leading financial services firm, working on talent analytics. Formerly a Senior Vice President of the Hodes iQ Talent Management Suite at Bernard Hodes Group and is a co-author of the HR metrics book Ultimate Performance. Jeremy has coached hundreds of companies in recruiting and HR technology solutions across industries and sizes. Jeremy is a frequent speaker and author on HR technology topics and HR Business Intelligence topics, such as SHRM, IHRIM, the Human Capital Institute, and more. He is a frequent contributor to articles and whitepapers on HR Business Intelligence. Jeremy holds a Masters of Science in Information Systems from NYU and a B.A in Economics from Rutgers University. Specific topics of research include HR metrics, talent management technology, and next generation recruiting technologies.

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2 comments on “Charles Handy + Drucker’s cartoon on sustainable growth
  1. Great find on that video!

    Are cartoons the new trend in storytelling? I sure hope so. The message was compelling and likely more effectively told through cartoon than a talking head or powerpoint.

    If the cartoon video engages you and gets the point across, why not?

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